Observing the Exposure

Depending on the kind of work you do, employees could be asked to perform some seriously dangerous duties for their occupation. Many times it isn’t even the duty that is dangerous, but the chemicals they may be vulnerable to. Preventing over-exposure is key for these jobs and that’s why medical surveillance for employers to look into is especially important. The term surveillance means to keep a close observation over someone, and that’s exactly what the goal of these exams are. The medical surveillance programs are made to make sure that employees aren’t being over-exposed to toxic materials such as lead, asbestosis, chemicals, dusts, noise exposure, and more. With the proper surveillance at work, employers can detect the issues early and take preventive measures from bringing harm to anyone.

Save lives, money, and time

Using a medical surveillance exam could save your company millions in medical costs and avoid lost productivity. In one dire situation, employees at a microwave popcorn plant were exposed to aerosolized powders of butter flavoring. This may not sound threatening in any way, but it was in fact extremely hazardous to the health of these workers. Many began suffering from severe lung impairment. Because there was no medical surveillance program to identify the problem originally, many people experienced an unclear diagnosis, poor management, and more, which became rather costly.

Provide info

Providing information on health and safety is a great way to show your company the priority you as an employer place on their protection. This also gives workers the opportunity to ask questions about the material if needed.

BSMT Occupational Health is an occupational medical company that thrives on making the workplace a safe environment for employees and employers. Medical surveillance is a fantastic tool to use in not only potentially hazardous zones, but also anywhere. It is valuable to be aware of illnesses caused by work related incidents at any company even if it seems completely safe. Get in touch with U.S. BSMT Occupational Health today to find out what kind of surveillance programs you can use to implement a safe environment for your workforce.

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